Clinica 2017: Recent trends approaches in Clinical research, Clinical trial and Medical writing

    ABC Biologics welcomes you to attend the international conference on CLINICA 2017:Recent trends and approaches in Clinical research, Clinical trial and Medical writing” will be held in Bangalore on 01 September 2017.

    Conference is anticipating more than 50+ attendees and 07 speakers across the globe. Our eminent speakers are from clinical research ecosystem those who can give an excellent lecture beyond the frontiers.

    This is an incredible opportunity for academicians from universities and institutions to interact with world class scientists.

    It is a unique platform for industry delegates to share the knowledge and meet the clinical research experts.  Writing the best clinical protocols and it’s challenges are going to be discussed in this conference by dab hand medical writers.

    The intending participants can confirm their participation by registering for the conference along with your colleagues. Avail the delegate’s early bird offer.


    • The main objective of the conference is to bring and assemble delegates from the clinical trial, clinical research and medical writer’s community for discussing and sharing the recent advancements in the clinical religion for safeguard activities.
    • The conference is a global platform for analyzing international clinical issues by participating attendees from the universities, research organisations, medical writing associations, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, biomedical and medical device industries.
    • The conference is also addressing obstacles in medical writing and industry best practices to get multi-region regulatory approvals with effective report/protocol writing.
    • It is a multidisciplinary program with broad participation of medical writers from around the globe focused on medical writing challenges, advances and contemporary issues.
    • Conference will explore various disciplines involved in the clinical research, conduct of clinical trials. It will educate health care researchers about study design, operation, organizing, research computing, regulatory aspects and reporting of clinical trials. It promotes better understanding by the general public about the importance of clinical trials in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.
    • World renowned speakers and the most recent techniques, developments, the newest updates in clinical research including medical writing are hallmarks of this conference.


    Clinical Research& Clinical Trials

    • Regulatory frontiers in clinical trials and clinical research
    • GCP and regulatory compliances and standards
    • Ethics committee and institutional review boards
    • Clinical study designs and new considerations
    • Clinical trials outcomes and Biostatistical review
    • Clinical trials on different diseases and disorders
    • Bioethics and quality regulations
    • Study on clinical trial case reports
    • Adverse events and risk involving management
    • Study/protocol design and study management
    • Site selection, patient/subject recruitment and study conduct
    • Safety and wellbeing of subjects, discussing TMF,ICF,CRF
    • Data integrity issues and disrupting events in clinical studies
    • Role of quality assurance and quality control monitors
    • Potential legal consequences of noncompliance
    • Innovations and future clinical trials

    Medical writing

    • Crafting clinical overview in multi region regulatory aspects
    • Writing clinical reports/protocols form good to excellent
    • The best industry medical writing practices
    • Awareness on technical terminology and reporting benefit/risk assessments
    • Transparency in reporting adverse events and unfortunate incidents.
    • Editing, modifications and audit trial event records tracking
    • Reporting data from TMF, ICF, CRFs and overcome transcriptional errors
    • Include and preclude clinical summaries to present global authorities
    • The art of medical writing in scientific communications

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