Advances in Natural medicine and Nutraceuticals

    ABC Biologics cordiallyinviting you to attend the international conference on Advances in Natural medicine and Nutraceuticalswill be taking place in Hyderabad on 27 October 2017.
    Conference is anticipating more than 100+ attendees and 10 speakers throughout the world. The

    conference provides deep instinct into the latest discoveries and technological advancements in the field of natural medicine and nutraceuticals

    The conclave is a rich combination of academicians, research scientists and industry experts making unique platform for discussing global nutraceutical challenges in detail.

    This is an utmost and extraordinary interactive session for novice nutraceutical professionals and natural medicine cognitive researchers. Where keynote sessions and many well-known speakers’ thought provoking lectures ignites the hidden research skills within you to meet the industry and regulatory challenges collectively.

    The intending participants can confirm their participation by online registration process through our official website along with your colleagues. Avail the delegate’s early bird offers.


    • The main objective of the conference is to give the guidance and discuss challenges in nutraceutical and natural medicine. Nutraceuticals are the products that have both nutrition and pharmaceutical character, which is gaining popularity due to higher consumer acceptability in todays health care industry.
    • The quality outcomes of nutraceuticals and natural medicine products can be achieved by clear understanding of discover process and compliance of regulatory standards in manufacturing. This session is going to discuss innovative methodologies in novel drug discovery and key research skills by exemplary industry scientists.
    • Conducting clinical trial in nutraceuticals and natural medicine is a challenging aspect where numerous factors need to be taken into considerations in a regulatory ecosystem unlike pharmaceuticals. It is an informative conclave devised to address the innovative approaches in clinical study designs and analysis.
    • A rare gathering of researchers and professional from ayurveda, arabic-unani, and homoeopathy, to have a splendid discussion beyond the frontiers of natural medicine under single roof is torching discoveries.


    Nutraceuticals and Natural medicine

    • Role of nutraceuticals in treatment/prevention of diseases
    • Active nutraceutical ingredients and production
    • Food as medicine for health and wellness
    • Microbiology in nutraceuticals production
    • Vitamins, minerals, proteins in nutraceutical and analytical challenges
    • Innovations and future strategies in nutraceuticals
    • Nutraceutical biomarkers towards therapeutic claim
    • Traditional herbal medicine
    • Homeopathy and Ayurveda in natural medicine
    • Arabic and unani in natural medicine
    • Natural medicine as an alternative medicine
    • Discovery and developments in natural medicine
    • GMP,GCP,GLP and regulatory guidance and its compliance
    • Clinical trials and regulatory guidance
    • Protocol development and clinical study designs
    • Role of quality assurance and quality control
    • Challenges and future directions in natural medicine and nutraceuticals
    • Novel approaches in nutraceuticals and natural medicine from natural source

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