ABC Biologics was established to meet the needs of contractual services with CROs and pharma companies across the globe. We offer end to end quality assurance independent auditing and monitoring services in Clinical and Bio analytical sites to ensure the integrity and correctness of data produced during all phases of clinical trials. Apart from Auditing and Monitoring services, we also facilitate supporting services like Regulatory affairs, Medical writing and Biostatistics.

We provide auditing services as a sponsor representative to ensure regulatory and sponsor obligations. We conduct system facility audits for qualification, approve of site for any clinical conduct of study. We work as per US FDA, EMEA, UK MHRA, ANVISA and other regulatory authorities’ standards.

Entire business and enduring a CRO rests on Quality outputs and regulatory accomplishments. To gain the competitive advantage in the CRO’s based business our quality assurance services certainly place you at the top in domestic and international markets.


We undertake all clinical trial monitoring and auditing services as sponsor representative. Regulatory affairs, Medical writing and Biostatistics are a part of our supporting services.

Our team includes Monitors, Auditors, Regulatory officers, Medical writers, Biostatisticians who are experts and have prodigious experience in the relevant field which is a value added rationale to choose ABC Biologics for quality and supporting services.